Hands On Workshops That Teach Parents What Works! 

I offer parenting workshops in and around Manteca, CA to help parents help their kids with basic, everyday living.  Workshops are generally 50 minutes long.  An outline and activity is included in every workshop so that you can get hands on experience and practice what you have learned, before introducing the concepts into your home.  

Effective parenting:

Spending your time and Saving your money

The state of the economy has put a strain on our wallets, affecting our budgeting and our parenting.  You don't have to rely on finances to practice effective parenting.  This workshop is designed to motivate you to invest your time in your child.  You don't have to rely on monetary gifts to reward your child for doing well.  In this workshop, you will learn how to practice healthy parenting and encourage your child to follow the guidelines set forth at school and in the home.  The workshop includes a hands on activity that you can practice at home.

Effective parenting workshop is developed for parents of school-aged children (PreK-6th grade). 

Transitions: Goodbye Summer, Hello School!

With the start of a new school year, how do we help our children with transitions?  It can be difficult for children to adjust to the structure of the school environment, after having a carefree, relaxed summer.  This workshop is designed to help you, the parent, not only get your kids prepared, but also get them excited about school!  The workshop includes an activity that you can take home and use as a tool of encouragment.

Transitions workshop is developed for parents of younger children (PreK-4th grade).

Can I please have your attention: how to help your ADHD Child

Does your child have a difficult time paying attention in school?  Perhaps, she consistently loses her homework and her room is a complete mess.  It can be difficult to see your child struggle.  This workshop will help you learn how to communicate with your child, help him get organized and to stay focused.  Parents will also learn what steps to take next if they feel their child may be suffering from ADHD.  

ADHD workshop is designed for parents of  children and pre-teens (3rd-8th grade).

Contact me here or give me a call at (209) 628-4657 to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if a workshop might be the right choice for you. Or, contact me to find out about bringing a workshop to your moms group, mops group, church group, preschool, or parents association.