Find out more about the rates for counseling services in Manteca.

In most sessions, I use play therapy, role play, or art therapy to help your child communicate and express him/herself.  Some children are very shy when they first begin therapy or do not know how to talk about their feelings.  These various forms of therapy provide another way for your child to communicate and enjoy the therapeutic process, while learning positive coping skills.

Individual Therapy:

I provide individual therapy for children (ages 3-17).  Individual therapy is a 50 minute counseling session which takes place once a week.  Within the individual therapy session, I develop a professional relationship with your child and build rapport with your child.  Within therapy, your child is able to express his/her concerns and discuss any problems that he/she may be having at the moment.  These concerns may include, yet are not limited to: relationship issues, difficulty getting along with peers, constantly arguing with parents, trouble concentrating in class and struggling to manage his/her temper.  

Individual therapy sessions are $105 per 50 minute session or $90 per 50 minute session if payment is made at the time of the session.

Parent/Child Therapy:

In addition to meeting with your child for individual therapy, I like to keep in contact with the parent and provide therapy for the parent-child unit.  The parent-child therapy sessions allow the parents to provide feedback and share what they have noticed about their child, or any circumstance that the family may be experiencing at the moment, which in turn affects the child.  During these sessions, we will work on communication skills, how to implement what your child has learned in therapy, into the home environment, and practice positive parenting.

Parent/Child therapy sessions are $105 per 50 minute session or $90 per 50 minute session if payment is made at the time of the session.

Group Therapy: 

I provide group therapy for children 6-8 and 9-12 years of age.  Each group is comprised of 3-6 group members. All group therapy sessions are 50 minutes long.  Group therapy requires an 8-week commitment in order to maintain the integrity of the group. Topics for group therapy include: How to manage symptoms of ADHD, How to establish positive relationships with peers, How to manage symptoms of frustration.  One topic is focused on for 8 weeks.  Staying focused on one topic for an 8 week session of group therapy, allows your child to learn various ways to cope with their symptoms.  Each group therapy session includes psychoeducation, discussion, and an activity.  Activities include, yet are not limited to the following: cooking, art therapy, music therapy, role play and play therapy.

Group therapy is $300 for 8 sessions or $50 per session.

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